Welcome to the Ivy Gourmet

The Ivy Gourmet started off as a "special interest" group of the Ivy Alliance. The Ivy Alliance was founded to organize a Community Service Fair during the recession of 2001-2002 that brought together alumni of the Ivy League and Seven Sisters colleges with non-profit organizations looking for volunteers.

The Ivy Gourmet was created to continue bringing alumni together for socializing and to support local restaurants. Given the current economic climate, it was decided to resurrect the Ivy Gourmet to provide a mechanism for support and networking.

At the risk of seeming elitist, the Ivy Gourmet is limited to the alumni of the Ivy League and Seven Sisters mostly due to shared background. However this site also supports events open to all individuals who share a common interest. More details to follow.

How does the Ivy Gourmet Works?

The Ivy Gourmet when volunteer hosts choose a restaurant and an optional theme for the event. The host will make a reservation for up to 24 individuals and set up an event on this website to handle reservations. The event is then publicized to interested participants for sign up. Please visit our guidelines page for more details.

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